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SVC Bank is a member of the NPCI network, comprising almost all of India’s Public, Co-operative & Private Sector banks. Now, transact from any of the ATM’s in the NPCI network. RuPay Debit Cards are acceptable at all ATMs across India. There are around 1.80 Lac ATMs and close to 9.50 Lac POS terminals in India under the RuPay platform. In addition, RuPay cards are also accepted online across 10,000 E-commerce websites. RuPay Debit Cards Offer Accidental Death Insurance Cover of Rs. 1 Lac to the Card Holder.

Services that our ATM centers provide:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Cash withdrawal

Similarly you can also use your SVC Bank ATM Card on any of the NPCI Network

You can use your Debit Cards in three ways:

  • Transact at an ATM or immediate withdrawals of cash
  • Swipe your card when buying an item. The money used to pay for the transaction is deducted in a few minutes from your account
  • Use your card Online for shopping or for any bill payment

Debit Cards –VISA and RuPay

SVC Bank issues Visa Debit Card, RuPay Debit Card, Visa Chip Card, RuPay Chip Card and RuPay Platinum Debit Card.

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Easy to obtain

Once you open an account we will issue you a Debit Card upon request.


Purchases can be made by swiping the card rather than issuing a cheque or carrying cash.


You don't have to carry cash or a Cheque Book.

Readily Accepted

When out of town (or out of the country), Debit Cards are usually widely accepted (make sure to tell your financial institution you’re leaving your city, to not have an interruption in service).

Some Guidelines

  • Guard your Debit Card against loss or theft. Keep it in a safe place just like you keep cash and cheque books
  • If you have lost your Debit Card, notify us immediately by way of an SMS STOPCARD 9820620454
  • Choose a PIN number that only you know. It is recommended, you don't use your phone number or birthday
  • Guard your PIN number. Memorize it and never write it on anything you keep with you
  • Keep receipts from all your debit card transactions for your records
  • Review your statements immediately and investigate any unknown transactions
  • To know about the ATM Redressal procedure, please Click here
  • For Application Form Click here
  • For the Do's and Don'ts please Click here
  • For Terms and Conditions – Visa Debit Card Click here
  • For Terms and Conditions – RuPay Debit Card Click here
  • FAQ's
  • For Fees & charges Click here
  • For format of letter to be submitted in case of disputes for POS transactions and Visa Debit Card applications please Click here
  • For digital complaints and disputes send mail to “” with transaction details.

Hot marking of cards :

Hot marking is very simple. Just send an SMS to 9820620454 through your registered mobile number. Your card will be hot marked immediately and you will receive a confirmation instantly. Alternatively you may call on 02266999999 / 71999999 for blocking your card.

SMS Template for Enhancing Security of Card Transactions



SMS Template

To permanently block Debit Card

In case of suspected fraud or loss of card, send SMS to permanently de-activate / block your Debit Card


To temporarily disable Debit Card Transactions

This temporarily disables Debit Card Transactions. With this, card will not be available for any type of transaction.

SWOFF <space> (last four digit of your card number)

Example: SWOFF 1234

To enable Debit Card  Transactions

This enables Debit Card Transactions that was temporarily disabled for use by card holder. This will restore previously registered services

SWON <space> (last four digit of your card number)

Example: SWON 1234

To disable International Transactions

This disables International Transactions on your Debit Card for POS/ Ecom (Online) / ATM

SWOFFINT <space> (last four digit of your card number)

Example: SWOFFINT 1234

To enable International Transactions

This enables International Transactions on your Debit Card that was disabled. This will enable the card for International usage at ATM, POS or Ecom

SWONINT <space> (last four digit of your card number)

Example: SWONINT 1234

To disable E-Commerce Transactions

This disables Debit Card for
E-Commerce (online) Transactions.

OFFECOM <space> (last four digit of your card number)

Example: OFFECOM 1234

To enable E-Commerce Transactions

This enables Debit card for
E-Commerce (online) Transactions.

ONECOM <space> (last four digit of your card number)

Example: ONECOM 1234