The Stock Market Awaits you. Sculpt a Perfect Portfolio with SVC's DEMAT Services.

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  • Transact securities in electronic form
  • No risk of theft / misplacement / loss of securities
  • Quick credit of IPO / FPO / Rights / Bonus / Subdivision
  • Immediate credit in Bank account for Refunds / Dividends / Redemptions / Buy Backs. No risk of fraudulent encashment
  • Easy to change Address / ECS Bank mandates
  • Nomination / Change in nomination facility
  • Transmission facility with minimum legal procedures
  • Pledge of securities in case of Borrowing / Lending against securities
  • Instantaneous Debits / Credits of securities
  • No Stamp duty on transfer of securities
  • No risk of bad delivery
  • Market lot of one share
  • Get statement of Holdings as & when needed from DP
  • Complete / Partial – Freeze / Unfreeze facility
  • Appoint Power of Attorney for operation of DEMAT account
  • Rematerialization available: Conversion of electronic securities held in BO account into physical form
  • Effect settlement of trades done on Stock Exchanges (Market trades)
  • Effect settlement of transactions of BOs outside the Stock Exchange (Off Market Trades)
  • Credit electronically securities like IPO / Rights / Bonus shares
  • Pledging of Dematerialized securities for availing credit facilities
  • Freezing of DEMAT account / ISIN for debits / credits / Both partial & full

Dematerialise your physical shares

  • After having opened your Demat Account with us, submit your securities/share certificate(s) along with Demat Request Form (DRF) to any of our Depository Services Centres or Branches
  • We will forward the securities to the Company / Registrar and transfer agents (RTA) who will credit an equivalent number of securities into your Demat account with us
  • The entire process may take 21-30 days

ASBA Facility

  • No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. Just write the bank account number and sign the application form to authorize SVC Bank to make payment in case of allotment. No worry for refund as the money remains in the investor’s account.

Sale / Purchase of Demat Securities (Trading)

  • For trading, you can register yourself with a broker of your choice
  • Place Sale / Purchase order with your broker
  • If purchase order is placed & duly executed by your broker, the securities will be credited to your Demat account with us automatically by your broker
  • And if sale order is placed & duly executed by your broker, you need to instruct us by giving duly filled in Delivery Instruction Slip signed by all holders for delivery of the securities (for debiting to your account and sending securities for settlement)

Other features of our Depository services:

  • You can maintain ZERO balance in your Demat Account
  • Account can be operated by Power of Attorney holder
  • SMS alert facility
  • Viewing / transacting facility through internet “easi” or “easiest” facility

For any grievance related to DEMAT, please e-mail us at

Investor Grievances Escalation Matrix 

In case of dissatisfaction of the grievance resolution, customers may lodge their complaint by following the instructions mentioned below:

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