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ATM Redressal

The following procedure is for customers wherein the ATM transactions that are transacted through the NPCI Network ATMS (example:- AXIS, IDBI, BOI….) are Declined.

For e.g., Cash is not dispensed; but the customer account is debited.

In order to help our customers best way forward, we request that customer should fill in the card holder dispute form and should provide the following details:

  • Details of transaction:- Account number, Transaction Amount (amount debited from the concerned A/c), Location of the ATM and name of the Bank.
  • Transaction decline slip given by ATM (If any)
  • Letter from the customer

The NPCI will settle the claims within 5 working Days after filing the chargeback. The designated branch will be notified by the Head Office on receipt of the chargeback authorization/Denial.

SVC Debit Card :

SVC Debit Card Redressal :- For any disputes on Point of Sale /E-commerce transaction please fill up the form and submit the same to the base branch.

Hot marking of cards

Hot marking is very simple. Just send an SMS STOPCARD to 9820620454 through your registered mobile number. Your card will be hot marked immediately and you will receive a confirmation instantly. Alternatively, you may call on our 24X7 toll-free helpline number, 1800-313-2120, to block your card.