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  • What is Mobile Banking?
    Mobile Banking refers to online banking that occurs via mobile phone rather than via a PC (online banking). It facilitates customers to use mobile phones as a channel for accessing their bank accounts and remitting funds there from.
  • Are there any charges for mobile banking?
    There are no charges for Mobile Banking app. However there are charges for funds remitted through NEFT/ IMPS etc. Please check our website www.svcbank.com for charges.
  • Who are eligible for mobile Banking?
    All customers who have a bank account and have enrolled for Personal Internet Banking are eligible for mobile banking.
  • What is the prerequisite for mobile Banking?
    It is mandatory that a customer who opts for Mobile Banking should be registered for Personal Internet Banking.
  • How can I apply for Mobile Banking?
    Bank needs a Netbanking/ Mobile Banking form filled by you to enable Mobile Banking.
  • Is there any limit on the value of transactions for Mobile Banking?
    Yes there is a default limit of Rs. 1,00,000 (combined limit for Netbanking and Mobile Banking) for a day. If the limit has been used in Netbanking on a particular day, then the same cannot be used in Mobile Banking, vice versa is also applicable.
  • How can I install SVC Mobile Banking app?
    Mobile Banking App can be installed by downloading the same from Play Store/ App Store.
  • Is there a different Login & Transaction password for Mobile Banking?
    No. The login & transaction password would be same as Personal Internet Banking.
  • Is mobile banking different from using Netbanking?
    Using mobile banking is same as using Personal Netbanking.
  • How do I block/ stop/ cancel Netbanking/ Mobile Banking?
    You can call on our Customer Care Number – 022-71991700 and request the Bank for stopping/cancelling the facility.