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  • What is SVC’s Net Banking service-Banc@Ease?
    • SVC’s Net Banking service-Banc@Ease is a specialized platform developed by The Shamrao Vithal Bank (SVC) to provide secure banking services over the Internet.
    •  Banc@Ease is the most convenient way to bank- anytime, anyplace, at your convenience. Banc@Ease is available 24X7 and remains just a click away.
  • What can I do with SVC’s Net Banking service?
    • When you bank through Net banking you are doing so in the convenience of your home or office, anywhere in the world.
    • By enabling your account through Net Banking, you gain a lot of additional advantages and convenience at no additional costs. Some of them are:-
    • Balance /Statement Enquiry- Net banking enables you to view all your accounts across branches at different geographical locations on a single screen and transact on them. With Net banking you can get statements with view/print/save option according to your preferences for any date range.
    • Funds Transfer (Between own A/C‘s)-Net banking allows you to Transfer Funds to your own Linked accounts within SVC Bank.
    • Cheque Book Issue/ Draft Issue-Net banking allows you to place Online requests for Cheque Book/Demand Draft.
    • Stop Payment- Stop Payments can be marked Online through Net banking.
    • Bill Pay-Net banking provides you facility for Utility payments. Net banking enables you to do Online Shopping and Payments over the Internet.
    • Third Party Funds Transfer-SVC Bank A/cs-Transfer of Funds to Third party accounts within SVC Bank is possible through Net banking.
    • Third Party Funds Transfer-Other Bank A/cs- Net banking allows you to Transfer Funds to Third party accounts at Other Banks through NEFT.
  • How current is the account information I access through Net Banking?
    • Account information is real time.
    • When transfers are made online, the debit and credit will appear in each account once a confirmation number is given by the system. If you make a withdrawal at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), the information is posted to your account as soon as SVC Bank receives the data from either the ATM vendor or merchant.
    • Cheque Book Request and Draft Issue through Net Banking are non-instantaneous request where by the Customer will have to approach respective SVC Branch to collect the same.
  • Who is eligible for NetBanking?
    • SVC Bank Customers will get “All Services” of Internet Banking, where the Account’s Mode of Operation is Single/ Either or Survivor/ Anyone or Survivor
    • Only viewing of account, i.e. “Balance & Statement” option will be provided to accounts, where the Mode of Operation is Jointly / Any two Jointly/ All Jointly / Specific Instructions
    • I understand that in the event of my Primary Account already being registered for Netbanking, this application will be treated as an authenticated request for Regeneration of my NET BANKING PASSWORD
    • Please note that All account (s) (Other than TL & CC) will be available while paying your bills using the Bill-Pay / Transaction facility.
    • Funds Transfer facility is not available for NRE & NRO account. Incase of Pvt. Ltd. / Pub. Ltd account, it is Mandatory to submit a Resolution as per Bank’s format authorizing the signatories to register and operate the Net Banking service