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SVC Bank is offering its own indigenously developed modular Banking System “Genius” to other Co- operative Banks on ASP and Perpetual Licensing mode for user friendly and safe banking operations. Our flagship product “Genius” integrates easily and securely across all Digital Payment channels. The Bank also offers ‘Digitized Banking’ services via various channels. Some of the major projects towards Digitised Banking like Immediate Payment System (IMPS), Smart PIN initiatives, Mobile banking, Passbook printing Kiosks have been successfully implemented. The Bank is constantly building and enhancing the IT infrastructure using latest Technology for Green and Secure Data centre with resilient connectivity between all Branches and ATM’s. The Datacenter of the Bank is also certified for ISO27001, ISO22301 and PCI DSS. The Bank is deploying Technology as a Strategic Business enabler - to build a distinct competitive advantage and to achieve superior standards of Customer Service.

This Genius software can be availed on:

  • Centralised Architecture
  • De-Centralised Architecture

The versatility of genius gets you accurate work results effortlessly at the very instant. At the same time it offers you the pride of offering every service to your customers that a private bank offers.

Advantages of using Genius software:

  • User friendliness
  • In-built security features
  • Maker Checker Concept at all levels
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Minimum Data Entry Required
  • Effective tool for Monitoring
  • Enabler to Faster and Superior Service

Genius maintains a comprehensive audit-trail and appoints accountability by individual for each transaction. This generates every report, and conserves every record required to be generated and/or maintained in a Bank.

The various offering under the Genius umbrella are integrated with the Core Banking application in the following manner to provide effective customer service:

For understanding more about our Software Services, please view our "Business Streams"