Long Term Fixed Deposits

Brew your Savings for Longer, so they'll Grow Stronger

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Your hard earned money deserves to be treasured. With SVC's Long Term Fixed Deposits, be rest assured that your earnings are in the safest, most secure investment option, that assures optimal benefit.


  • Account can be opened with a minimum of ₹1000/- or any amount fixed by the SVC Corporate Office from time to time 
  • Minimum period is one year 
  • Maximum period is 120 months or any period decided by the SVC Corporate Office from time to time
  • Interest due will be paid on monthly/ quarterly / half yearly or yearly basis
  • Loan can be granted for up to 90% of the deposit amount against the pledge of Deposit Receipts in case of need 
  • Depositors have the option to schedule their interest payment on monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly/ yearly basis, at the time of account opening
  • A convenient savings option to secure funds for periodic expenses 
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