BSBDA and Small Savings Account 

A Simple Savings Account for Everyone 

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SVC presents a banking experience designed for your convenience and ease. Take the first step towards simplified Banking with SVC.


  • Minimum Amount for opening of A/c - Zero
  • Minimum Average Quarterly Balance - Zero Balance
  • No limit on the number of deposits that can be made in a month.
  • No Issuance / Reissuance/Annual Maintenance Charges for ATM / Debit Card.
  • 4 Withdrawals in a month will be free across SVC Bank and Other Bank ATMs put together Charges will apply on 5th and onward instances of withdrawal from ATMs (SVC Bank and Other Bank put together) in a month.
  • Unlimited Non-Financial Transactions free at SVC Bank ATMs. Non-Financial Transactions at other Bank ATMs are chargeable.
  • No POS/ECOM transactions will be permitted on ATM / Debit Card.
  • No dormancy charges for inoperative account. No charges for activation of inoperative account
  • Collection of cheques drawn by Central /State Government agencies and departments will be free of service charges.
  • Immediate credit of outstation cheques is allowed only for cheques drawn by Central /State Government agencies and departments.
  • Cheque Book - Issuance of cheque book (25 leaves free per annum)

Account Essentials

  • Individuals are eligible to open this account.
  • Service Charge of Rs.20/- per withdrawal & Rs.8.50/- for Balance Enquiry will be levied from the 5th transaction in ATM 
  • No charges for in-operative account 
  • No charges for activation of in-operative account 
  • KYC - As per Bank Policy

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