SVC Minor

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You sow today, so that they may reap tomorrow. Presenting SVC's Minor account, which you can operate on your child's behalf till he/she attains maturity.


  • Account can be opened with ₹500/- only
  • Debit Card Facility
  • NetBanking
  • Free SMS Banking
  • Free Passbook Facility
  • Free ChequeBook Facility (annually, 25 Cheque Leaves)

Account Essentials

  • Any Minor within the age group 0 to 18 years is eligible to open the account
  • Account operated by Guardian only 
  • Debit Card with a Daily ATM Cash Limit of  ₹10,000/-  & POS Limit of  ₹15,000/- 
  • Minimum Balance Requirement –  ₹500/-

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