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Because those you Care for also Need Special Protection

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SVC's Arogya Vishesh Medical Card has a tie-up with leading hospitals to offer you the distinctive benefit of providing flexibility of payment options at the time of medical emergencies.

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  • Cashless Hospitalization
    • Open a Savings account with our Bank with a balance of Rs.10000/-
    • Set aside the amount you want to save for any emergency
    • You will be issued an AV Flash Card 
    • When an emergency arises, rush to the closest hospital that SVC Bank has tied up with 
    • Show your AV Card 
    • Get admission into the hospital without paying any amount by showing this Flash Card 
    • SVC Bank will remit the funds to the hospital 
    • You can also use this for your family, relatives & friends
  • Attractive Discounts
    • Show the AV Card at leading Pharmacies and Hospitals to get discounts on medicines and prescriptive items
  • Attractive Returns on FD
    • While your cashless hospitalization needs are taken care of, your balance funds in the FD continue to grow at an attractive rate of interest

Account Essentials

  • The fixed deposit will earn a simple interest rate applicable for a 366 day deposit which will be credited to your Savings account on maturity
  • Fixed Deposits can be ranging from  Rs.50,000/-  to any amount 
  • The Arogya Vishesh Deposit will be exclusively used for Hospitalization based emergencies
  • There will be no penalty on premature closure of the Arogya Vishesh deposit in case of the emergency
  • The Arogya Vishesh Deposit comes with an auto renewal facility
  • You can check your Arogya Vishesh Balance in your Savings Passbook 
  • You can use the Savings Account like the normal savings account and earn Savings interest

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