SVC Society Account

For Seamless & Automated Management of your Society's Administration

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SVC proudly presents the Society Savings Account, developed with the sole purpose of simplifying your society's administrative processes.


  • Free Maintenance of Bills and Receipts (Under SVC Society Module Scheme)
  • Free cheque book facility of 250 cheque leaves per annum
  • Free Cheque Drop box facility shall be provided to the Society subject to terms and conditions stipulated by the Bank from time to time
  • Free Pay order and Demand Draft shall be issued for any amount
  • Free Money transfer via RTGS/NEFT
  • Free execution of Standing Instructions

Account Essentials

  • Account will have to be opened with a minimum balance of Rs.25000/-
  • An Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 25,000/- will have to be maintained
  • Penalty charges of Rs: 500/- for non- maintenance of minimum balance per quarter
  • Penalty charges of Rs: 1000/- will be levied if account is closed within 6 months & Rs.750/- will be levied of account is closed within 1 year. Society or group of societies or federation having minimum of 50 members or on case to case basis are eligible to open SVC Society account with our Bank

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